Brant Nave

Chairman of the Board

Brant is the Vice President of Commerial for Aerogen, a company in the medical industry. He is passionate about the unique way business leaders can fuel the mission of God around the world. He lives in Ventura County, California with his wife and daughter.

Peter Strong

Board Member

Peter is the Founder of Coastal Transportation, a shipping company that serves Western Alaska. He loves Jesus and the word of God. For 30 years, Peter and his wife Leslie have been involved in a number of initiatives in global missions. He is a long-time resident of Seattle, Washington.

Doug Cobb

Board Member

Doug is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, as well as the Managing Partner of The Finishing Fund, a collective of Christian Givers who are reaching the last tribes on earth with the gospel. Doug and his wife Gena live in Louisville, Kentucky.

David Guzik

Board Member

David is best known for his written commentary on every chapter of the Bible. He now leads Enduring Word and their efforts to make that commentary available in the top languages throughout the world. He and his wife live in Santa Barbara, California.

John Rinehart

Board Member

John is the Founder of Gospel Patrons. God has used his books and speaking to inspire tens of thousands of business leaders and professionals. He and his wife Renée have two children and love traveling the world together.

Renée Rinehart

Board Member

Renée is the VP of Fun for Gospel Patrons. Her bold faith and fresh ideas have led to many breakthroughs in building this ministry. Renée is passionate about raising up Gospel Patrons in countries all around the world.