Featured Video Series

Hear a high-level CFO share about her journey into business, the tough job of finding balance, her view of work as worship, and more.

12 Episodes

Eleven short videos of leaders sharing their thoughts on the unique calling and potential of Christian business people.

12 Episodes

He's one of America's wealthiest people, but that’s not what the CEO of Hobby Lobby cares about most. In these 12 videos, David Green shares his story and talks about what truly motivates him.

Featured Topic Biblical Patrons

Resources to help pastors create a culture of Biblical generosity within their church


The Gospel Patrons Behind Jesus’ Ministry

Jesus’ ministry was funded, not by miracles, but by three generous women who are highlighted in Luke 8:1-3.


The Gospel Patron Behind Paul

The Bible uses the word 'patron' only once. And it describes a woman who supported the Apostle Paul. This is her story.


The Gospel Patron Behind Jesus' Burial

Jesus publicly breathed his last for all to see. His side was pierced. His chest stopped moving. His head hung down. But for one man this was not a time for retreat or reflection. This was a moment for action.

Learn from modern-day Gospel Patrons in these unique interviews.

Journal Entry

Christina Mangino

Financial Planner

She is a Financial Planner who shares her thoughts on the generosity of God, the struggles in business, the dangers of wealth, and more.
Shay Owode
Pension Consultant
James Sudarsono
Real Estate Developer
Ben Stone
Portfolio Manager