Featured Video Series

Simon Pillar is one of the founders of a private equity business and his journey to understand the role of business people in God’s kingdom became the catalyst for the Gospel Patrons movement.

12 Episodes

He's one of America's wealthiest people, but that’s not what the CEO of Hobby Lobby cares about most.

12 Episodes

Twelve short videos of leaders sharing their thoughts on the unique calling and potential of Christian business people.

Featured Topic Giving

3 essential resources to help you think about the heart of giving.


Giving Is A Supply Line Opportunity

You're invited to the fund-raising banquet. A support letter arrives in the mail. How does God want us to respond when ministries ask for money?


Should All Your Giving Be In Secret?

You’ve probably heard it said, “Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” But does this mean God wants all of your giving to be anonymous?


The Power of Giving

The amazing story of a tattooed mechanic who brought a gun to church on his first Sunday, but later was so filled up by God's grace that he found a way to give back and bless hundreds of single moms in Chicago.

Learn from modern-day Gospel Patrons in these unique interviews.

Journal Entry

Simon Pillar

Private Equity Partner

Simon relays to us how relationships of accountability defend against the cruel and deceptive mistress of wealth.
Akeel Sachak
Investment Banker
Susan Peterson
Ben Stone
Portfolio Manager