Gospel Patrons

The Gospel Patron Story

The story of Gospel Patrons began on a sunny Thursday morning in Sydney, Australia. John Rinehart met a British businessman for coffee and in that meeting a single truth rang out like old church bells resounding for a new generation.

The truth was this: when God raises up people to proclaim the gospel, he also raises up patrons to support them. They have different gifts and different roles, but are partners in the same mission.

It was there in Scripture. It was there in history. It’s the three women who quietly supported Jesus’ ministry. It’s the wealthy cloth merchant who gave so much so the world could have an English Bible.

God is generous. And he invites us to reflect him and give generously to advance the message of Jesus.

With fresh hope we began to dream, “What might God do through a new generation of Gospel Patrons? What if more and more people caught this vision for being Gospel Patrons?”

It became evident that God’s work through generosity leaders was not only for history. We too have a part to play. Jesus is still working, the crowd in heaven is cheering, and the finish line is just ahead.