Gospel Patrons

John Rinehart

Founder & CEO

M.Div., Talbot School of Theology, B.S. in Business, Biola University

John is a speaker, writer, and film producer. He and his wife Renée started Gospel Patrons after seeing God powerfully use John's first book, Gospel Patrons, to inspire thousands of business leaders and young professionals to discover their purpose and calling in God's kingdom. John now speaks at conferences and events, continues to write books and articles, and leads the team of creatives at gospelpatrons.org

Renée Rinehart

Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor

B.S. in Business, Biola University

Renée is the wise counselor behind Gospel Patrons. From day one she believed in this message and has given strategic input to major decisions and the forward direction of the ministry. Under her leadership, Gospel Patrons began hosting live events. She is passionate about building healthy teams and global partnerships. She and John are raising two delightful children.

John-Mark Warkentin

Chief Creative Officer

B.S. in Art, Biola University

John-Mark is the artist behind Gospel Patrons. He designed and illustrated Gospel Patrons and Giving Together. He's the creator of gospelpatrons.org as well as the Director of Gospel Patrons Films. He brings innovation, strategic thinking, and brand management to the Gospel Patrons team. John-Mark and his wife Madelyn have four children.

Brian Petersen

Film-Maker & Photographer

B.S. in Organizational Leadership, Biola University

Brian is the cinematographer behind Gospel Patrons. He has shot and edited every Gospel Patrons Film. With vast experience in film and photography in both the LA music industry as well as in local church ministry, Brian joined the Gospel Patrons team because of his friendship with John and John-Mark and his passion to do work that promotes the gospel. He is married to Leah and they have six children.

John Warkentin

Emeritus Film-Maker

M.A. in World Mission, MB Biblical Seminary, B.A. in Liberal Studies, Fresno Pacific University

John was the coach behind the Gospel Patrons Film Team. He joined Gospel Patrons after years of filming in some of the least-traveled places on the planet. John's experience and passion for telling authentic and inspiring stories strengthened the Gospel Patron Films. He and his wife Geri have three adult children and ten grandchildren.

Josh Wilson

Booking Manager & Project Specialist

M.A. in Spiritual Formation, Talbot School of Theology, B.S. in Kinesiology, Biola University

Josh is the facilitator behind Gospel Patrons. He manages speaking engagements, negotiates contracts, and secures venues. He also handles book sales and supports content and product launches. Josh is passionate about developing people and building relationships. He is happily married to Rachel.

Catherine Muthey

Prayer Warrior

M.A. in Public Administration & Business, B.S. in Human Resources & International Business, Wichita State University

Catherine is the intercessor behind Gospel Patrons. She prays and fasts for the faithfulness of our team and the health and growth of our ministry. She has a huge heart for the Lord and generosity and is often known by her story that was captured in a 6-minute video called "I Like Car."

Toni Coloma

Event Planner

B.A. in Psychology, UC Santa Cruz

Toni is the organizer behind Gospel Patrons. She has planned our conferences, film nights and private events. Toni joined Gospel Patrons with several years of event planning experience and is very skilled at putting detailed structure around big vision. She is married to Brian and they have two beautiful daughters.

Renee Shaeffer

Public Relations Manager

M.A. in Spiritual Formation, M.A. in Eduation, B.S. in Math, Biola University

Renee is the connector behind Gospel Patrons. She oversees partnerships and communication to the public about our organization. She also manages @gospelpatrons on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Renee is married to Adam and they have two boys.

Briana Glenn

UK Manager

Bachelor of Communication and Media, University of Wollongong, Australia

Bri is the coordinator behind Gospel Patrons. She works behind-the-scenes on all our UK events as well as oversees marketing and UK partnerships. She joined Gospel Patrons after 13 years in corporate marketing. Bri and her husband Matt have two boys and live in London.