I have nothing which I have not received. I can boast of no inherent righteousness. Had the Lord not chosen me, I should not have chosen Him. Grace! Grace! Grace! ’Tis all of grace… My weakness is my greatest strength, for then I trust alone on Jesus, when I feel my own dependence. I am an earthen vessel, I have been among the pots of the unregenerate; make me now a vessel for Thy use!

―Charles Spurgeon

C.H. Spurgeon The Early Years |
p. 136
Spurgeon wrote these reflections in May of 1850. He was sixteen, had just been baptized, and now had a fresh fire to be used by God in his day and generation. But what strikes me is his humility to recognize that his strength and usefulness came from Jesus and not himself. Humility is a lesson hard to learn, but the more we get it the more useful to our Master we become.