We are walking through this world under the eye of God, in the direction of God and towards our everlasting hopeā€¦ If we have a right view of ourselves in this world as pilgrims, as children of God going to our Father, everything falls into its true perspective. We shall immediately take a right view of our gifts and our possessions. We begin to think of ourselves only as stewards who must give an account of them. We are not the permanent holders of these things.

―Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, Vol. 2 |
p. 84
Lloyd-Jones links an eternal perspective and a right view of money beautifully. Jesus calls us to view money, wealth, and possession not as a means to building our kingdoms here and now, but as means for building his eternal kingdom and bringing others into it. This sermon preached by Lloyd-Jones in the 1950s in London still speaks!