There is indeed none by which the Christian’s state on earth is in the word of God more frequently imaged, or more happily illustrated, than by that of a journey… The Christian is traveling on business through a strange country…if it be rough and rainy, he cares not much, he is but a traveler. He is traveling to a ‘better country,’ a country of unclouded light and undisturbed serenity. He finds also by experience, that when he has had the least of external comforts, he has always been least disposed to loiter.

―William Wilberforce

A Practical View of Christianity |
p. 165
Wilberforce, the great abolitionist, wrote a book on Christian doctrine and it’s brilliant. He called it his manifesto and here we see this master orator blend a rich biblical understanding with sparkling and helpful language. We also catch a glimpse of how he endured such fierce trials in his fight against slavery. Comfort wasn’t his goal. He saw himself as a pilgrim on a grand journey headed home.