All on God’s Generosity

Janice Worth
When she was 25, Janice wished she had known that generosity was a journey and that money was the tool God would use to set her heart free.
Dan Peck
Certified Public Accountant
This Seattle based CPA reflects on how the idea of stewarding wealth vs. owning wealth has changed everything for him.
Ben Stone
Portfolio Manager
Ben notes that the church is only two generations from dying out. Hear how this propels Ben into highly strategic kingdom investments.
Simon Pillar
Private Equity Partner
Simon relays to us how relationships of accountability defend against the cruel and deceptive mistress of wealth.
Pete Ochs
Pete says that "If wealth is consumed then it typically harms relationships, but if wealth is stewarded then it can be used to build relationships."
Katherine Tsay
Business Development
Hear from a young millennial in tech how her aimless, entitled spending was transformed into salary capping for the sake of increased giving.
John Sleeting
Wealth Manager
Giving doesn't always start from a place of joy. For John, his giving journey began from a posture of steady obedience.
Ron Herrema
Ron is a serial giver. He listens to the Spirit and has incredible stories of stepping in front of needs before he is made aware of them.
Mart Green
Chief Strategy Officer
Mart explains how generosity, humility, and integrity are vital markers he looks for in leaders he chooses to partner with financially.
Janice Munemitsu
Business Consultant
Janice shares a key insight about living & giving out of an unshakeable identity; that of being a chosen & loved daughter of the king.
Kevin Cathey
Apple Engineer
This young millennial techy discovered a fourth "T" in the trusted 3-pronged stewardship model "Time, treasure, and talent." Hear how this radically impacts his workplace, community and household.
Susan Peterson
Hear about how Susan manages the temptation to be far too generous to herself, to love comfort, and to forget God.
Akeel Sachak
Investment Banker
Hear from a man who has been captivated by the generosity of God. He says, "There is no generosity to which any of us can aspire which can match the generosity of God."

Is God Generous?

When we hear the word generosity, we tend to think about our own giving. How much do we give? Where do we give? How do we give? But what if instead we started by thinking about God's generosity?