Hear a high-level CFO share about her journey into business, the tough job of finding balance, her view of work as worship, and more.

Video Series Q&A with John Lennox

John Lennox shared his wisdom with a group of business leaders at a Gospel Patrons event in London.

Video Series Q&A with Bob Shank

In this unique zoom conversation, John Rinehart and Bob Shank take on some of the hard questions about calling, kingdom impact, retirement, inheritance & more.

Simon Pillar is one of the founders of a private equity business and his journey to understand the role of business people in God’s kingdom became the catalyst for the Gospel Patrons movement.

He's one of America's wealthiest people, but that’s not what the CEO of Hobby Lobby cares about most. In these 12 videos, David Green shares his story and talks about what truly motivates him.

Video Series The Joy of Generosity

A series about the surprising joy of generosity and how it's at the heart of the gospel of Jesus and a fulfilling life.

Video Series Called to Business

Eleven short videos of leaders sharing their thoughts on the unique calling and potential of Christian business people.