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journal 02

Kevin Cathey - Up Close With An Apple Engineer

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thought 01

I thought about the meaninglessness of life for a man who has everything to live with, but nothing to live for.

―Billy Graham

thought 04

My weakness is my greatest strength, for then I trust alone on Jesus, when I feel my own dependence.

―Charles Spurgeon

thought 05

If we have a right view of ourselves in this world as pilgrims, as children of God going to our Father, everything falls into its true perspective.

―Martyn Lloyd-Jones

thought 02

The Christian is traveling on business through a strange country…if it be rough and rainy, he cares not much, he is but a traveler.

―William Wilberforce

thought 03

Work is not primarily a thing one does to live, but the thing one lives to do. It is, or should be, the full expression of the worker’s faculties...

―Dorothy Sayers