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The amazing story of the business family who funded the YouVersion Bible App and changed the way hundreds of millions of people read God's word.
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Jesus publically breathed his last for all to see. His side was pierced. His chest stopped moving. His head hung down. But for one man this was not a time for retreat or reflection. This was a moment for action.

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God has chosen us to live at this time in history for his purposes. Most people will focus on what they've lost or how life has changed, but the people who live great and heroic lives will respond in 3 ways that always set heroes apart.

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Sometimes God calls us to give when we have great needs ourselves. But when this poor widow decided to give her last two copper coins, she encountered a huge surprise.

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Behind great movements of God stand a few generous men and women called Gospel Patrons. These books tell their stories and invite our generation to believe that we too have a part to play in God’s kingdom.


Giving Together

An adventure in generosity


Gospel Patrons

People whose generosity changed the world



Event Speaking

John Rinehart is an author, speaker, and storyteller. He is the founder of the Gospel Patrons ministry and speaks around the world on generosity and the part we can all play in God’s kingdom.