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Giving Together
An Adventure in Generosity

by John Rinehart

For the last five years, I’ve been traveling, speaking, and writing about generosity. Along the way, I’ve seen firsthand that generous people make an enormous difference in the world and live with true joy and purpose.

I’ve also realized they didn’t wake up generous one day. Instead, they each experienced a defining moment that set them on a more beautiful path.

Giving Together is my attempt to distill their defining experiences of faith and generosity into a seven-week journey for you and a few friends. I want to help you experience what they have experienced, to go on this adventure with God. I believe God made you to be a giver. The enemy wants to slow you down. I want to help you floor it.



This will be more than a discussion group. You will have seven training exercises to complete. So invite your family, a few friends, or your small group from church to join you because this experience has been designed for you to go through it with others.

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Beauty matters and as you go through Giving Together you’ll discover fresh artwork to begin each chapter. We want you to stay inspired for the journey.

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