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Gospel Patrons

by John Rinehart


Gospel Patrons People Whose Generosity
Changed The World

by John Rinehart

Behind great movements of God stand a few generous men and women called Gospel Patrons. This book tells three stories from history about business leaders who were behind the scenes fueling amazing works of God.

Gospel Patrons is an invitation to believe that God is not done writing history and he’s prepared a part for you to play. It’s a call to engage. It’s a challenge to give your life to what matters most… and who knows, we just might change the world.

Gray fabric spine bap 5324 small
Smyth sewn blue

Smyth Sewn

This is the highest quality book binding available today. Pages are sewn together, making them durable and able to lay open completely flat.

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Clothbound blue

Clothbound & Foil Stamped

The craftsmanship of cloth binding gives the book a wonderful textured feel.

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Illustrated blue


Fresh illustrations throughout the book blend the historical with modern design.

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