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Katherine Tsay

Business Development

Journal Author

Katherine Tsay

Business Development

"At age 25 I was so moved by the generosity of a few of my Christian friends that I wanted to know the God they worshiped."

"At age 25 I was so moved by the generosity of a few of my Christian friends that I wanted to know the God they worshiped."


Hello, I'm...

My name is Katherine Tsay. I live in San Francisco with my husband Eugene and currently work at Figma. I did not grow up in a Christian home and from the earliest age, my father always talked to me about the importance of acquiring income-producing assets so I’m definitely a natural investor. Fast forward to age 25, I was so moved by the generosity of a few of my Christian friends that I wanted to know the God they worshiped. That realization eventually led me to Christ and so my faith journey is one and the same as my generosity journey.



For years I spent money aimlessly, believing that because I worked hard, I deserved whatever I could afford. When I became a follower of Jesus, I realized that everything I own belongs to Him and everything in my life was a gift from Him. This included my sacrificial parents to my wonderful education and the many career opportunities. With that in mind, Eugene and I want any salary increases or windfalls to result in a rising standard of giving, not a rising standard of living.


God's Generosity

God is so unbelievably extravagant in his generosity. He gave His most precious son Jesus for all of us! (John 3:16) He provides for us in our daily needs and our greatest trials. I experienced it most radically after losing both my parents and my best friend in the span of a few years. God enveloped me in so much love and support from my wonderful friends and church community.


Dangers of Wealth

I started my career in investment banking in New York City and like so many of my colleagues, I used mindless consumption as a coping mechanism. As consumption became a hobby, I believed that I needed a certain income to merely get by. To fight the dangers of wealth, my husband and I try to stay grounded by exposing ourselves to economic diversity through service opportunities as well as surrounding ourselves with like-minded followers of Jesus who can keep us accountable!


Treasuring Jesus

I equate treasuring Jesus with seeking first the kingdom of God. (Matthew 6:33) When we’re not careful about seeking first the kingdom of God, giving can be used to serve our own needs. For me, it is far too easy to get caught up in idols that surround giving, such as placing an overemphasis on living simply or giving to build up my own ego. Our constant and fervent prayer is that our giving is truly an act of treasuring Jesus. 


I Wish I Knew...

When I was 25 I wish I knew the pervasive and often undetectable influence of our culture on our lives. It’s far too easy to let the cultural opinions of our day influence how we live our lives and not our true calling of following Christ.


My Routine

I’ve long struggled to be consistent in my prayer life and I’ve only recently hit a good rhythm. I commute to work on Caltrain or the bus and I use that time to write in my prayer journal. Writing helps me so much! I also listen to podcasts of sermons from a few of my favorite pastors throughout the week. Finally, my calendar rules my life so I make sure to get events on the calendar that help us live for eternity and not for ourselves.


Giving Decisions

Our giving process is not very scientific. During our financial planning meetings, my husband and I discuss our giving goals and areas we want to prioritize. As an example, this year, outside of church giving, we are primarily focused on supporting small, local organizations that seek to empower marginalized groups through spiritual formation and building tangible skills. We love to support non-profits that give a hand up and not a hand out. We also set aside funds for spontaneous giving to ensure that we are always seeking opportunities to give whether it be to non-profits or a person in need.


My Mission

I would describe my personal sense of mission as: "To whom much is given, much is expected."


3 Words

My ultimate aim is to love God and love my neighbors. With that in mind, I hope the three words I will be remembered by are: faithful, loving and gracious.

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