Journal Author

Sanford Coggins

Real Estate Investor


Illustration by John-Mark Warkentin

Journal Author

Sanford Coggins

Real Estate Investor

10 short sound bites from Sanford about his thoughts and discoveries on living out his calling as a Gospel Patron.

10 short sound bites from Sanford about his thoughts and discoveries on living out his calling as a Gospel Patron.


Hello, I'm...

I’m Sanford Coggins, a Real Estate Investor in Dana Point, California and the CEO of VisionWise Capital. I have an amazing wife, a beautiful daughter, and two manly sons. People might be surprised to know that I'm able to rally as an extrovert, but I refuel in private.



Giving has provided a sense of joy for as long as I can remember. But a turning point occurred when I realized that it was the Lord who expressed his favor when I gave from a heart of empathy or a spirit of obedience. I was unaware that it was the Holy Spirit who gave me the joy in response to what I was doing. Learning this gave giving more validity and allowed me the freedom to widen my giving constraints.


God's Generosity

I believe God is indeed generous. He gave his one and only son to die in our stead in a most painful way. No one has ever given more. However, we also see that God is purposeful and shrewd in his giving. He does not reward unprofitable soil, therefore, I must be discerning in my practice of giving.


Dangers of Wealth

The cautions of wealth are appropriated to the person who has lost their God-given identity to "things". The paradigm is like that of the alcoholic: First the man takes a drink; then the drink takes a drink; eventually the drink takes the man. When we don't know who we are in Christ, then we will be defined by what we think about most. The temptation has been the same since Genesis 3.


Treasuring Jesus

Good is a moral description that begins with what God says is good. Proverbs 22:1 says, "A good name is better to be desired than great riches." There are many such things throughout the Bible, which God says are greater than silver and gold. I believe God at his word and his definition of "good" is foundational for living a life of wisdom. The alternative is living in constant pursuit of the treasures of this world.


I Wish I Knew...

What I wish I knew at 25 about giving and generosity was that it pleased God and that it is connected to reaping. 2 Corinthians 9:6 talks about giving by saying, “The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.” The clear truth here is that God allows us to participate in sowing and reaping; it is our choice to sow a spiritual harvest by giving towards his kingdom work, or forgo the blessings of reaping in his kingdom.


My Routine

One daily habit or routine that has been especially powerful for me is I plan my next day the night before. My discipline is to write in my journal the three most important things I want to get done the next day and then I begin a new day with crystal clarity right from the start.


Giving Decisions

My wife and I pray for and give financially to ministries that feed, clothe, and educate the poor as well as to those who preach and teach godly wisdom with a conviction to give God the glory. 


My Mission

One burden on my heart is for more men and women to discern that freedom is not the right to do what you want to do, but the power to do the right thing. By God’s grace we have been set free from the bondage of pride, covetousness, and lust; in order to run in the way of righteousness. I pray for us all to pursue freedom, as well as to live in this victorious way Jesus has purchased for us.


3 Words

3 words I would choose to be remembered by are wise, good, and impactful.

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