Hello, I’m…

My name is Dr. Jessica Chandler. I live in Stockton, California and work as a surgeon and gynecologist. I wear cowgirl boots to work every day, but have never ridden a horse in my life. Ha!


God’s Generosity

I see God’s generosity in the story of creation in Genesis 1-2, and then how God demonstrated grace and mercy with the children of Israel throughout the Old Testament as well as the many other leaders in Scripture. God gives generously to us even though we are undeserving. When I look at my own life, God has been gracious and merciful to me time and time again.



As a high school senior, I met the CEO of a company, who was aware of my leadership and extracurricular activities. He saw potential in me and he and his wife decided to invest in my college education. Every semester, without fail, there was a credit on my tuition from his company. He and his wife set aside 10% of their company’s profits to bless students, single mothers, people in their community, and whoever God laid on their hearts. I now get to experience that same joy each time I give. Generosity is accompanied by a fantastic joy on the inside. I love knowing someone has an opportunity they may not have had otherwise if I did not give.


Dangers of Wealth

Wealth can become dangerous when we think it makes us invincible or we see others with less money as being less worthy. Wealth can also be dangerous because as we prosper we’re tempted toward a worldly wealth management perspective that looks a lot like the rich man who built bigger barns. (Luke 12:16-21) At times, I’ve found myself wanting to build bigger barns instead of asking God to show me how he wants me to use it to advance his kingdom.


Treasuring Jesus

I treasure Jesus more than wealth and success because without him I would not have wealth or success. As I honestly evaluate my life, I wouldn’t have the job I do unless Jesus had led me through the deep healing that had to take place first. I treasure him because of the gift of healing. I am always in awe when Jesus, who gave us so much when he gave his life, continues to give to us.


I Wish I Knew…

When I was 25, I wish I knew that giving and generosity would be a source of never-ending joy. It makes life more exciting. I wish I also knew that there is no shortage of things to give. We can give money, a smile, an encouraging word, or prayer. God is abundant and he blesses us to make us a blessing. 


My Routine

During medical school there was a brief time when I had an unknown disorder the doctors did not understand. Each morning it would take several minutes before I could move and getting out of bed was a challenge. So now the first thing I say when I wake up every day is, “Good morning, God.” Then, I wiggle my fingers and my toes and say, “Thank you for allowing me to wake-up and see another day.” 


Giving Decisions

I prefer to donate to causes that serve to multiply and grow God’s kingdom. I seek causes that aim to love justice, seek mercy, defend the oppressed, take up the cause of the fatherless, and help us love ourselves so we can better love our neighbor as ourselves. (Micah 6:8; Isaiah 1:17; Matthew 22:39) I believe these are clear directives that God calls us to so I give to organizations and leaders that make this their mission.  


My Mission

I used to think my purpose was, “Become a doctor.” As I have grown, I believe my purpose is to represent Christ in situations where he is absent. That might mean loving a co-worker with different beliefs than my own, advocating for equity for members of my community, or praying for a patient before a procedure. Being a doctor is my career, but my calling is to represent Christ wherever I am.  


3 Words

If I was to be remembered by just three words, I would choose: “She loved well.”