Tell us what the Bible says

Read us the words that are in red

It’s in our thoughts and on our minds

The world talks about it all of the time.


Is money the measure of success?

Or just the reason we feel so stressed?

Is the eye of the needle really so small?

Or was Jesus exaggerating after all?


We know you get your salary

From your people’s generosity

And understand it feels self-serving

To teach these parts that are unnerving

But unless you do, we will not grow

To bear thirty, sixty, and a hundred-fold.


Please carry the light and lift it high,

We need to see the truth from lies.

Don’t tiptoe around. This issue is core.

Don’t knock politely. Kick open the door.


We have not yet seen the joy of giving

And don’t believe it’s truly living

To give instead of to receive

But you can help us to believe:

These words of life are true for us

And this world’s treasures end in rust


We‘re not expecting you to be


But you have words of power to bring

God’s living water, straight from the spring


Be bold, be strong. Speak like our Lord

Whose words on money would never bore.

We want more than budgets and charts

Please preach a message to our hearts.


Grind our golden calves to dust

And lift up the God we ought to trust

Come wake us up and set us free

We need you now, our pastors be.