In every generation, God looks for people to use.

The question we must ask is what kind our Lord will choose.

Is it the bold, the strong, the wealthy, the wise?

The best in class or beautiful to the eyes?

No, my friends, that is not where our God starts.

For man looks on the outside, but God looks at the heart.

Men and women who would see a generation won,

Are those who learn to say, “Not my will, but yours be done.”

Like Job, they know the God who gives and takes away.

Like James and John, they drop their nets when they hear their Master say:

“Come, follow me, my friends, and redirect your life.

From now on you’ll be catching men, and freeing them from strife.”

“Here am I! Send me,” was Isaiah’s reply.

“I too will go,” Esther said, “whether I live or I die.”

The ones who enlist and answer God’s call,

Are the people prepared to lay down their all.

A willing investment, a life freely laid down,

Is the seed of a movement, the cross before the crown.

Don’t go it alone, is the second core piece.

This is no solo journey when seeking lost sheep.

Partners we are in the work of the Lord,

One going, one giving, but both fully on board.

One speaking, one sending, we’ll both play our part,

Charging ahead as lights in the dark.

Joanna for Jesus and Phoebe for Paul,

Friends for the road whether it rises or falls.

Call Gaius and Barnabas up to the mic,

Hear their stories of power when God’s lightning did strike.

They were selflessly seeking the glory of God,

True partners together and best as a squad.

The end is ahead and it’s always been the same,

King Jesus enthroned with a name above names.

And a multitude around him from every tribe, nation, and tongue,

Declaring his praises as the ones who’ve been sprung,

From death, from the grave, from hell, and from sin.

The saints in their glory are his prize, we’re his win.

There’s a message, there’s news, which will lead to this day.

It’s the story of him who was the truth, life, and way.

Our salvation, our hope, our all rests in him,

Who’s the Alpha, Omega, Beginning, and End.

So “Preach Jesus, preach Jesus, preach Jesus,” we cry.

And we’ll stand by your side ’til our faith becomes sight.

Play your part, run your race, fight your fight to the end.

We are gospel proclaimers and gospel patrons.