A movement of Christian business leaders and professionals in Britain

Gospel Patrons United Kingdom Network Event

05 October, 2023

The Wren Coffee 114 Queen Victoria Street London EC4V 4BJ United Kingdom

“Were there but 1,000 in Britain, like-minded with John Thornton, the nation would be judged and convinced of the good operation of the gospel.”

— Henry Venn, 1790

Simon Pillar

Managing Director, Pacific Equity Partners

Akeel Sachak

Partner, Global Head of Consumer Rothschild

Ben Stone

Portfolio Manager, MFS Investment Management

Simon Pilcher

CEO, USS Investment Management

Akeel Sachak leading a panel discussion

Pre-event hors d'oeuvres at the Tate Modern

Our UK community having fun at our latest GP Film Night

We had a fantastic gathering at the Tate Modern where we were inspired by several new Gospel Patron Films.

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While facing failure and bankruptcy a British businessman vowed to make God his business partner. What happened next shaped a generation of Christian ministries.

Video Series

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John Lennox shared his wisdom with a group of business leaders at a Gospel Patrons event in London.


Are Business People Second-Class Christians?

Akeel Sachak, a London-based investment banker, shares what he wished he knew early on in his life as a Christian businessman.


The 3 Distinctives of Gospel Patrons

Simon Pillar shares three unique aspects of what it means to be a Gospel Patron.


The Proclamation Trust

Dick Lucas was a pastor in the heart of London for 25 years when a surprising friendship with a businessman from his church led to starting a ministry that has trained a generation of preachers.


Every Village In India

Two brothers from London discovered how they could use their professions to make a difference among some of the poorest and most forgotten people in the world.