film 05

Nothing Stops Detroit


A series of short films highlighting friends and examples seeking to live out the message of Gospel Patrons.


Honest thoughts, fears, and discoveries from other Gospel Patrons wrapped up in 10 short sound bites.

Gospel patrons journal janice munemitsu 2

Janice Munemitsu

Business Consultant

Gospel patrons journal kevin cathey 1

Kevin Cathey

Apple Engineer

April 22, 2016

Janice illustration 3

Janice Worth


April 21, 2016

Dan illustration 1

Dan Peck


April 20, 2016

John sleeting

John Sleeting

Wealth Manager

April 19, 2016

Ben illustration 1

Ben Stone

Portfolio Manager

April 29, 2016

Akeel illustration 4

Akeel Sachak

Investment Banker

August 5, 2016

Journal pete ochs

Pete Ochs


September 30, 2016

Gospel patron journal ron herrema

Ron Herrema


March 24, 2017

Gospel patrons journal circle simon pillar

Simon Pillar

Private Equity Partner